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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Molecular Cell Biology, 5th Edition

ISBN: 0716743663
Title: Molecular Cell Biology, 5th Edition
Author: Matthew P Scott
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
Publication Date: 2003-08-01
Number Of Pages: 973

Molecular Cell Biology, Fifth Edition

by Harvey Lodish, Arnold Berk, S. Lawrence Zipursky, Paul Matsudaira, , James Darnell
W.H. Freeman & Company

973 pages 56 MB pdf

Harvey Lodish (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Arnold Berk (U. of California, Los Angeles)
Paul Matsudaira (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Chris A. Kaiser (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Monty Krieger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Matthew P. Scott (Stanford U.)
Lawrence Zipursky (U. of California, Los Angeles)
James Darnell (Rockefeller U.)

Molecular Cell Biology stands out from its peers in this course in that it provides a clear introduction to the techniques and experiments of scientists past and present, not just an \"encyclopedia\" of information. This experimental emphasis, together with a solid pedagogical framework in the chapters, provides the clearest, most cutting-edge text available.

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Krsitian said...

Thank you!!! i have been looking for this book for almost 5 minutes now(i ussualy find stuff in less tha minute, so this is a realy long time for me) lol!